Michelle bridges 12wbt


Saturday, March 12, 2011

week 3 and previous weeks

ok so it is near the end of week 3 oday ismeant to be my SSS but my friend and i have made fridays as our rest day as it is easier with our scheduals and kids to have our SSS when our partners are home from work plus fridays are our cleaning days etc etc anyway

the frst week the enthusiasm was phenominal i went to the gym every day and smashed it out i lost 2.7 or something kilos that week and also ate everything with great gust that i was meant too

Then came week two i had a miscarraige this week and only trained 4 days out of the 6 as the event happened on the friday and didnt get back into it and to be quiet honest my headspace went with it i was needless to say i was devistated i ate a meat pie this week and drank quiet a bit but still managed to lose 1kg which was very very surprising i was expecting quiet q gain to be honest

Then came week three and have also missed days this week i missed wednesday and tursday this week so will only get to work out 5 days this week because OMG i have sore muscles i have
NEVER NEVeR NEVeR had sore leg mucsles in all my life and thought my legs were going to fall off honestly if i could of moved i would have purely to find MISH and rip her bloody head off but alas i couldnt and live in Tassie anyway so wouldnt of got far finding her lol

this week (3rd week) i have had my first red flag day and survived resonibly well it was my baby girls 4th bday and i ate 3 peices of mish's pizza and also god knows how many of these home made healthy fish bites then the tiniest ever sliver of mud cake humanly possible i was so proud of myself apart from the fish bite thingys that drew made then last night i was faced with the most aweful temptation toasted tomato and onion sandwiches or chocolate mudcake i chose the sangas as i thought they would be the healthiest choice i think i was wrong i got on the scales this morning and thank god its not weigh in day as i would be looking at a 1.3 kilo gain this week and possibly still am

so i need to stay to the diet plan to a T as i am certainly not strong enough at the moment to be making heath choices about food like that for myself next week end is my 26th and my fiance has thrown me this massive party i am a little worried abou my control in all of this but he has assured me there will be food there i can eat

I feel like saying to him its not the foods when i am sober or even slightly tipsy that is my problem its when i am drunk it becomes a problem and everyone else around me will be the same so i am glad my besty is comming to the event as she is also ding the program together hopefully we can be each others supports drunk or not (this could also be bad if we decided otherwise )

Well anyway week four is my week i am going to smash it out and heaven forbid do my 25km bike ride and prove to everyone that i am worth it :D

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

how embarassing!!

For the last week i have felt the bone in my leg and half way down my leg it goes all funny like a bit of nobby wood or something anyway i was and have been very concerned about it and went to the doctor i told her what it was and even showed her so i am sitting there waiting for some cancer news or WHATEVER death sentance this would be (yes i know i am a bit of a hypocondriac) ONLY for her to start laughing at me!!!!!!!!

I am sitting there in tears now going why are you laughing thinking this sadistic doctor is laughing cause i am dying OMG she turns around and says cass my dear that isnt your leg bone and the lump isnt a cancer or anything as you so fear it is indeed a leg muscle (at this point i hang my head in shame) she then proceeded to tell me all about my leg mucsle and even show me on this diagram exactly what is was.

I left feeling about 2cm tall and very very embarassed!!!

But at least i have a leg mucsle right!!! guess all that work preseason has paid off for me!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My light bulb moment after watching the biggest loser!!

Tonight i watched the biggest loser and saw damien go home form the red team how someone who has broken the record for being the heaviest man on the biggest loser can put themselves up for elimination i dont know he obviosly wasnt there for his health but for the game.

I am so upset that someone of his weight could of gambled with his opportunity of a life time to regain his life throw it all away and basically back in the faces of not only his wife and kids but michelle as well.

This tonight was the best thing that could of happened to me the night before the round officially starts it was such a kick up the bum to me to relise that i do want my life back and that NOTHING would get in my way!!!

Thanks to Michelle Bridges and this program i will forever change my life and not let politics or any supposed game playing (unless it is sports) ruin my efforts to get to my goal( and yes that even means this pregnancy i will not let it be an excuse to me for eating for two ect)


Friday, February 18, 2011

release of week one

ok so yesterday was the release of week one prgram and i am very excited will of course have to make some admendments to the salmon dishes but apart from that i love every single one cant wait to try them all out :d

I havent been going to the gym lately as i have had such bad morning sickness should be called all day sickness as this is just insane by the time i even slightly feel normal the gym is shut and i am delegated to doing backyard workouts must be doing something right tho as i went down from 80 to 77.3 in one week dont know how much of that is actually eating well and exercising or just the morning sickness

I go to the doctor for the first time on wednesday so excited i just hope she says now that the exercise plans are out that i can still do the program she said before it was ok she just wanted to actually see the program :( anyway will keep you posted

Will also be asking for anti nausia tablets so that i can try and keep up with going to the gym because this is rediculas :(

Anyway will write more later


Monday, February 14, 2011

Pre season #7 & 8

Ok so i got my diary out today and i planed everything that i needed to out workouts at the gym when ethan will be at daycare when all birthdays are when i will be cooking basically everything except when i would be sleeping lol
Found this one to be very easy as i never do anything anyway so schedualling in my day was easy now i just have to stay organised and actually use the diary

I also took my before pics and measurements today this was an eye opener i remember last round when i did 12wbt i looked at my pic and went yeah thats not too bad i can deal with that as i didnt look as fat or saggy as i thought well anyway this time i cried its horrible my fiance said to me a few weeks ago that my tummy was horrible and that i was also getting tuck shop lady arms i asked hiim to be honest and untill today thought he was going a bit over board

HE WASNT!! in fact i think he actually toned it down a little for me

I have posted them up on the forums to make myself accountible for my body so that i can be proud to show it off to the family (both my familys here and 12wbt)
i know that i will have to take it easy and that being pregnant isnt going to help me but at least i can try and tone up and get some shape into my body

i really feel that if i can give myself the best chance now that maybe i will be able to slip straight back into it after the pregnancy might have to do another round of 12wbt too i think lol

Well anyway so excited about kick off now its just around the corner and i get the food plans on thursday woohoo :D

Monday, February 7, 2011

task 6 part one!

I have just watched the kitchen makeover video and have decided to make my fiance watch it with me when he gets home i think it will be better if he watches it instead of sitting down and having the chat with him
I figure if he hears Mish saying it it will be better then me telling him its all going in the bin lol who can argue with mish right!!
So when het gets home were going to sit down (forcibly if i have to) and watch it then go rid the cudboards of shit foods!!
Last time i did this i found that with in a week they were all back and no i didnt buy them but he does because his thinking is he isnt over weight so he shouldnt have to suffer

Yesterday him and his brother were sitting there talking about spunge cake and pizza and yes i joined in the conversation only to be met with your on a diet and no matter how much i said look yes i am on a healthy eating plan which is for life not for the duration of most diets they kept saying no you cant eat them so dont even think about it i finally cracked it with them and said well if thats the case stop tormenting me with the foods i supposedly cant eat and when it turned nasty they turned around and said they were joking which to me made things worse i then said so what its ok to joke about my weight and make me feel like some fat bitch who is NEVER allowed to eat bad foods again i tried to explain to them that its all about moderation not total bans on foods but they dont seem to get it they turned around to me and just told me to calm down they were only joking and that i should know them by now and not to take them seriously i thought well how can i not for god sake

Anyway that is my rant and while my fiance does for the most part support me when he lets me down in his support its just feels like its in such a big way its not funny

I must to his credit say tho he is out buying me gym clothes now and that he thought i would have much more of a fighting chance of losing the weight if he surprised me with the trip to go see Mish at the end of this round poor bugger forgot he needed my card so the surprise was blown when he asked me for it lol he also signed me up for this program again and for the gym too so you can see he does try but as i said he just doesnt get it sometimes and when he doesnt its so bad lol

Anyway that is why i am going to show him this video so he understands about foods (he is a chef but not the good kind he thinks fat = flavour)

Maybe you guys could think about doing this with your partners/flat mates or whatever just so they fully understand and you know what people are like they always need someone else to tell them and who better then one of australia’s top professional trainers!!

Will update you on how it all went AFTER he gets home. There may be tears and im telling ya they wont be from me lol


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the gym commitment

Ok so My friend Mel came and picked me up today for a one month trial at fernwood fitness anyway after much internal debate about this i went and loved what i saw so much that i actually signed up into a contract.

Now in the past i would of just signed up and not cared about the cost of membership but known full well i was basically throwing money down the toilet well today i actually um'ed and argh'ed about it for a full half an hour before i went no stuff it now here are my reasons for saying yes:
1. Mel is going there and has the same weight amount as me to lose which means i cant use the excuse of i have no one to train with any more as she will be going daily!
2.We dont really have the money to join me up in a gym well this one i still havent really justified and dont know how i will be telling my partner about but as long as i do the shopping and everything and keep making savings around the place i am sure it will fit in ok
3.they have child care so i cant use the excuse that ethan is up and under feet any more
4. With a gym it doesnt matter what weather it is outside as all equiptment and everything is indoors so there goes a handful of excuses
5. they cater for my needs and wont throw me in the deap end
6. they have free breakfast and assorted nibble

well anyway they are my reasons and i feel so good about this that it isnt funny i dont know why this time feel different but it just does i know that i will actually go and even with the 12wbt for some reason this time around i just know that i am goin to be fine.

So now i just cant wait till tomorrow when i have my first PT season on cardio and get my teeth sunk into this whole gym thing :D