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Monday, February 7, 2011

task 6 part one!

I have just watched the kitchen makeover video and have decided to make my fiance watch it with me when he gets home i think it will be better if he watches it instead of sitting down and having the chat with him
I figure if he hears Mish saying it it will be better then me telling him its all going in the bin lol who can argue with mish right!!
So when het gets home were going to sit down (forcibly if i have to) and watch it then go rid the cudboards of shit foods!!
Last time i did this i found that with in a week they were all back and no i didnt buy them but he does because his thinking is he isnt over weight so he shouldnt have to suffer

Yesterday him and his brother were sitting there talking about spunge cake and pizza and yes i joined in the conversation only to be met with your on a diet and no matter how much i said look yes i am on a healthy eating plan which is for life not for the duration of most diets they kept saying no you cant eat them so dont even think about it i finally cracked it with them and said well if thats the case stop tormenting me with the foods i supposedly cant eat and when it turned nasty they turned around and said they were joking which to me made things worse i then said so what its ok to joke about my weight and make me feel like some fat bitch who is NEVER allowed to eat bad foods again i tried to explain to them that its all about moderation not total bans on foods but they dont seem to get it they turned around to me and just told me to calm down they were only joking and that i should know them by now and not to take them seriously i thought well how can i not for god sake

Anyway that is my rant and while my fiance does for the most part support me when he lets me down in his support its just feels like its in such a big way its not funny

I must to his credit say tho he is out buying me gym clothes now and that he thought i would have much more of a fighting chance of losing the weight if he surprised me with the trip to go see Mish at the end of this round poor bugger forgot he needed my card so the surprise was blown when he asked me for it lol he also signed me up for this program again and for the gym too so you can see he does try but as i said he just doesnt get it sometimes and when he doesnt its so bad lol

Anyway that is why i am going to show him this video so he understands about foods (he is a chef but not the good kind he thinks fat = flavour)

Maybe you guys could think about doing this with your partners/flat mates or whatever just so they fully understand and you know what people are like they always need someone else to tell them and who better then one of australia’s top professional trainers!!

Will update you on how it all went AFTER he gets home. There may be tears and im telling ya they wont be from me lol


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