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Monday, February 14, 2011

Pre season #7 & 8

Ok so i got my diary out today and i planed everything that i needed to out workouts at the gym when ethan will be at daycare when all birthdays are when i will be cooking basically everything except when i would be sleeping lol
Found this one to be very easy as i never do anything anyway so schedualling in my day was easy now i just have to stay organised and actually use the diary

I also took my before pics and measurements today this was an eye opener i remember last round when i did 12wbt i looked at my pic and went yeah thats not too bad i can deal with that as i didnt look as fat or saggy as i thought well anyway this time i cried its horrible my fiance said to me a few weeks ago that my tummy was horrible and that i was also getting tuck shop lady arms i asked hiim to be honest and untill today thought he was going a bit over board

HE WASNT!! in fact i think he actually toned it down a little for me

I have posted them up on the forums to make myself accountible for my body so that i can be proud to show it off to the family (both my familys here and 12wbt)
i know that i will have to take it easy and that being pregnant isnt going to help me but at least i can try and tone up and get some shape into my body

i really feel that if i can give myself the best chance now that maybe i will be able to slip straight back into it after the pregnancy might have to do another round of 12wbt too i think lol

Well anyway so excited about kick off now its just around the corner and i get the food plans on thursday woohoo :D

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