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Sunday, February 20, 2011

My light bulb moment after watching the biggest loser!!

Tonight i watched the biggest loser and saw damien go home form the red team how someone who has broken the record for being the heaviest man on the biggest loser can put themselves up for elimination i dont know he obviosly wasnt there for his health but for the game.

I am so upset that someone of his weight could of gambled with his opportunity of a life time to regain his life throw it all away and basically back in the faces of not only his wife and kids but michelle as well.

This tonight was the best thing that could of happened to me the night before the round officially starts it was such a kick up the bum to me to relise that i do want my life back and that NOTHING would get in my way!!!

Thanks to Michelle Bridges and this program i will forever change my life and not let politics or any supposed game playing (unless it is sports) ruin my efforts to get to my goal( and yes that even means this pregnancy i will not let it be an excuse to me for eating for two ect)


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