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Friday, February 18, 2011

release of week one

ok so yesterday was the release of week one prgram and i am very excited will of course have to make some admendments to the salmon dishes but apart from that i love every single one cant wait to try them all out :d

I havent been going to the gym lately as i have had such bad morning sickness should be called all day sickness as this is just insane by the time i even slightly feel normal the gym is shut and i am delegated to doing backyard workouts must be doing something right tho as i went down from 80 to 77.3 in one week dont know how much of that is actually eating well and exercising or just the morning sickness

I go to the doctor for the first time on wednesday so excited i just hope she says now that the exercise plans are out that i can still do the program she said before it was ok she just wanted to actually see the program :( anyway will keep you posted

Will also be asking for anti nausia tablets so that i can try and keep up with going to the gym because this is rediculas :(

Anyway will write more later


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