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Saturday, March 12, 2011

week 3 and previous weeks

ok so it is near the end of week 3 oday ismeant to be my SSS but my friend and i have made fridays as our rest day as it is easier with our scheduals and kids to have our SSS when our partners are home from work plus fridays are our cleaning days etc etc anyway

the frst week the enthusiasm was phenominal i went to the gym every day and smashed it out i lost 2.7 or something kilos that week and also ate everything with great gust that i was meant too

Then came week two i had a miscarraige this week and only trained 4 days out of the 6 as the event happened on the friday and didnt get back into it and to be quiet honest my headspace went with it i was needless to say i was devistated i ate a meat pie this week and drank quiet a bit but still managed to lose 1kg which was very very surprising i was expecting quiet q gain to be honest

Then came week three and have also missed days this week i missed wednesday and tursday this week so will only get to work out 5 days this week because OMG i have sore muscles i have
NEVER NEVeR NEVeR had sore leg mucsles in all my life and thought my legs were going to fall off honestly if i could of moved i would have purely to find MISH and rip her bloody head off but alas i couldnt and live in Tassie anyway so wouldnt of got far finding her lol

this week (3rd week) i have had my first red flag day and survived resonibly well it was my baby girls 4th bday and i ate 3 peices of mish's pizza and also god knows how many of these home made healthy fish bites then the tiniest ever sliver of mud cake humanly possible i was so proud of myself apart from the fish bite thingys that drew made then last night i was faced with the most aweful temptation toasted tomato and onion sandwiches or chocolate mudcake i chose the sangas as i thought they would be the healthiest choice i think i was wrong i got on the scales this morning and thank god its not weigh in day as i would be looking at a 1.3 kilo gain this week and possibly still am

so i need to stay to the diet plan to a T as i am certainly not strong enough at the moment to be making heath choices about food like that for myself next week end is my 26th and my fiance has thrown me this massive party i am a little worried abou my control in all of this but he has assured me there will be food there i can eat

I feel like saying to him its not the foods when i am sober or even slightly tipsy that is my problem its when i am drunk it becomes a problem and everyone else around me will be the same so i am glad my besty is comming to the event as she is also ding the program together hopefully we can be each others supports drunk or not (this could also be bad if we decided otherwise )

Well anyway week four is my week i am going to smash it out and heaven forbid do my 25km bike ride and prove to everyone that i am worth it :D

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