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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

how embarassing!!

For the last week i have felt the bone in my leg and half way down my leg it goes all funny like a bit of nobby wood or something anyway i was and have been very concerned about it and went to the doctor i told her what it was and even showed her so i am sitting there waiting for some cancer news or WHATEVER death sentance this would be (yes i know i am a bit of a hypocondriac) ONLY for her to start laughing at me!!!!!!!!

I am sitting there in tears now going why are you laughing thinking this sadistic doctor is laughing cause i am dying OMG she turns around and says cass my dear that isnt your leg bone and the lump isnt a cancer or anything as you so fear it is indeed a leg muscle (at this point i hang my head in shame) she then proceeded to tell me all about my leg mucsle and even show me on this diagram exactly what is was.

I left feeling about 2cm tall and very very embarassed!!!

But at least i have a leg mucsle right!!! guess all that work preseason has paid off for me!!

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  1. Hey, I just found your blog :) You really don't look like you need to lose 10kg :) Must carry your weight well.

    You poor thing! It could be worse though, it could be something. I went after two months of having an extremely sore little finger (yep, who goes to the Dr for a sore LITTLE finger!), and turns out I have arthritis :( At 34 :( I would have preferred for her to laugh and it be nothing.