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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the gym commitment

Ok so My friend Mel came and picked me up today for a one month trial at fernwood fitness anyway after much internal debate about this i went and loved what i saw so much that i actually signed up into a contract.

Now in the past i would of just signed up and not cared about the cost of membership but known full well i was basically throwing money down the toilet well today i actually um'ed and argh'ed about it for a full half an hour before i went no stuff it now here are my reasons for saying yes:
1. Mel is going there and has the same weight amount as me to lose which means i cant use the excuse of i have no one to train with any more as she will be going daily!
2.We dont really have the money to join me up in a gym well this one i still havent really justified and dont know how i will be telling my partner about but as long as i do the shopping and everything and keep making savings around the place i am sure it will fit in ok
3.they have child care so i cant use the excuse that ethan is up and under feet any more
4. With a gym it doesnt matter what weather it is outside as all equiptment and everything is indoors so there goes a handful of excuses
5. they cater for my needs and wont throw me in the deap end
6. they have free breakfast and assorted nibble

well anyway they are my reasons and i feel so good about this that it isnt funny i dont know why this time feel different but it just does i know that i will actually go and even with the 12wbt for some reason this time around i just know that i am goin to be fine.

So now i just cant wait till tomorrow when i have my first PT season on cardio and get my teeth sunk into this whole gym thing :D

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