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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pre Season task #4

Pre season task number four is mainly about how and where your going to train it was a short vid and i might actually watch it again as i personally got nothing out of this one apart from being told that if you did a previous round at 12wbt then you should mix it up and do a different workout program i however will not be doing this as i didnt follow the workout program for out doors properly last time even tho it was enjoyable so this time i am fully commited to doing it right fromthe start! this is all i have to say right now as i think i am still learning from pre season atsk 2 which as you who follow me would know i did earlier today this is one that i will need to keep comming back to as well as task 3 as i feel that if i can master these two then i will have given myself the best chance at this whole weightloss experience and program i could well thats it for me now

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