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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pre Season task #3

Ok so this one was about goal setting and i dont think i really did this one well as i am not the best person at goal setting there is hardly anything there and i really dont know what is achievable and what is me under estamating myself so i guess i have under estimated myself and lets see how i go with the first 4 weeks of the actualy 12wbt and then i might go back and re evluate them as it is better to under estimate then to over so anyway watch this space as to how i go with it

In the mean time i have said that i can lose 3kg in one month and that by the end of 12 months i want to lose 20kg i also want to be pregnant and of had the baby and also want to be able to run 5km by 6months dont know how i will go with that as i am not a runner but will be happy with a walk/run of 5km and doesnt have to be continuous anyway see how i go i know i will be able to achieve those goals i just dont know if i have under estimated my time frames

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