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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pre season task #2

Ok So the other day we got given excuses and solutions as our task number 2 for the mind set. I did exactly what i did last round and rushed through them and submitted them straight away, only then to sit back and watch other people write all these excuses down that were mine that i hadnt put down. So today when Ethan was in bed i sat here and went through them all ( i may even have to add more later) and i came up with 25 excuses i never actually knew i had so many excuses no wonder everyone just nods at me and doesnt even bother when i start to say i am going to do anything or just plain laugh at me i have not only trained them but myself to believe these things or what ever the case maybe they just think i am plan lazy which i suppose i am. As my number one excuse was i cant be bothered!!! i truely see how pathetic i have made my life to be. I had a moment today when i was sitting there thinking how and when did everyone give up on me as my nan used to say to me you can be or do what ever you want cass as life is what you make with it!! well today as i said i was sitting back doing the usual (nothing) and thought when did they all give up on me why did they stop saying those things to me and when............then it hit me it was when i did and starting making excuses or as my nan likes to call them an answer for everything. How can i expect others to believe in me when i dont believe in myself. So that motivated me enough to get up off my butt and do a workout because belive me i wasnt going to do one today even after i had written my excuses i was still going to use them. Although i have been sick the last week and thought today i would take it easy (meaning nothing) but after that i got up and did a light easy workout so i didnt stress out the body and you know what IT WASNT THAT HARD i have had this huge thing in my head that exercise must be this grueling thing that just leaves you wreaked at the end of it well it didnt and it didnt kill me either so lets see what tomorrow brings.

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