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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 1 Preseason 2011

Ok so today is day one of 2011 12wbt and i am ready to go even though it is the preseason tasks i think this time around is going to be so much better due to having more supports.

already i have linked up with someone from hobart and it looks like Mel will be joining me in the 12wbt as well so exciting.

I have the last week been exercsing on our new kinect game with kinect sports and the other day i went and brought your shape with michelle bridges on it so have tried that and at the moment and experiencing very sore legs where i have pulled all my hamstrings but have been trying to keep up with light exercise since then just so i dont get lax in my exercise again

The only way i could get my finace to say yes to me doing this round of the 12wbt was to say i would quit smoking so i have the same challenges ahead of me as last round only this time i dont have the champix to help me through it ......... can i do it!!! I have told him tht i need a two week grace period so that i can cut down and not feel guilty/failed that i have had a smoke but need have set the actual quit day for the 7th of feb which isnt too far away *sigh*

Oh well anyway just thought i would share my excitement of my first day in the preseason as i have already linked in with the introduce your self :D I am also making a promise to myself that i will be keeping this uptodate as last time i did the challenge i started it but didnt finish.......let's see how i go

Anyway better go now and try some yoga i think today


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  1. Wow 12wbt AND giving up smoking! Go you good thing!!!!